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Warm, enwrapping ambience with just the strike of a match. Delicious. Hand poured scented soy wax rounds decorated with cinnamon sticks. Using only natural soy wax, natural cinnamon fragrance and recyclable cardboard packaging. Soy wax rounds are decorative design element what can be placed in any room, shelf or drawer. Rounds can also be used in potpourri burner.
Candles Naturella

Product description:
Fragrance: cinnamon | Volume: 120ml | Dimensions: Ø 6cm x 4pcs | Ø 3.5cm x 6pcs

Directions for use:
Use scented soy wax rounds in a dish or in a drawer or warm them with a potpourri burner to gently fill the space with layers of beautiful fragrance. Do not use internally and keep away from children.