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Hand poured soy wax candle in clay pot made by best ceramists with stamped symbols of ancient Latvian culture. Using only natural all-soy wax and fragrances, the finest lead-free all-cotton wick and recyclable unbleached cardboard packaging. Recycle and create. Reuse candle container as glass, vase or bowl.

Latvia can pride itself on having a rich folklore heritage preserved until this day. Folklore and folklore signs play a very important role in the Latvian culture and shaping of traditions. Folklore signs were present in the daily life of ancient Latvians; they taught and protected them in various life situations and are closely connected to nature and seasons. Light a candle for your fate which in Latvian folklore is determined by Laima symbol. Laima is the goddess of destany and fate. Laima symbol enlightens, shows the right way to luck and well-being.


Product description:
Fragrance: peppermint | Volume: 200ml | Dimensions: Ø 9cm x H 7cm | Burn time: 30h

Directions for use:
Burning the candle for the first time let it burn until the whole surface is liquid. Cut the wick 1cm short before each burn. Burn the candle no longer than 3-4 hours at a time under supervision. Keep out of draft and reach of children. After burning the candle allow wax to cool completely before handling, the container will be hot.

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