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Using only natural all-soy wax and fragrances, the finest buckwheat hulls, herbs from Latvian countryside, knitted wool sachet with symbols of ancient Latvian culture and recyclable unbleached cardboard packaging.

Latvia can pride itself on having a rich folklore heritage preserved until this day. Folklore and folklore signs play a very important role in the Latvian culture and shaping of traditions. Folklore signs were present in the daily life of ancient Latvians; They taught and protected them in various life situations and are closely connected to nature and seasons. Sun sign symbolizes eternal movement and life. Flame of the candle looking at the sun radiates justice and compassion as sun shines the same way on everyone and it is the loving mother to all living beings.


Product description:
Fragrance: Wild rose | Weight: 100g | Dimensions: 15cm x 9cm

Directions for use:
Place a sachet on a shelf, in your luggage or in a drawer to freshen them up or take one under your pillow to help lull you into restorative sleep. Do not open sachet or use internally.



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